Our Story

who we are

We are a group of sisters with a culinary heritage. Most of our childhood was spent running from our living room to mum's bakery at the back of our grandfather's house in Lagos, Nigeria.

In August 2020, we launched Puff Puff Ministry, the UK's first ever dedicated West African dessert business.

Using our mum’s 20-year-old recipe, our mission is to share the joy of West African food across the UK and make puff puff Britain’s next favourite dessert.

puff puff is an experience to be shared

Part of the legendary ‘small chops’ platter, puff puff is a popular street food across the African continent. Puff puff is also a party favourite and the life of any Nigerian gathering. 

 We came together as sisters to give people a taste of our home country. Now we're spreading the joy of puff puff in-person at events and pop ups, and through the post with our nationwide delivery service to homes and offices all over the UK.